Live at the heart of Milan,
in one of the most appealing locations
in Town!

Experience a new city

Find out just how great it is to live in one of the coolest locations in Milan, a short walk from the city centre and a few metres from Bocconi University and the IED. The Ticinese and Porta Romana areas are ideal for those who love to get around independently whether for their studies or work, without forgoing fun.

Bligny 28
5 min
UniversitĂ  Bocconi
Bligny 28
18 min
Bligny 28
15 min
IED Istituto
Bligny 28
10 min
Porta Romana
Bligny 28
12 min

Natural relaxation

The Ravizza park and other green areas are ideal for morning runs or reading a good book.

If you are then looking for a relaxing afternoon Milan's thermal baths, QC Terme Porta Romana, and the Bagni Misteriosi (in the former Caimi pool) are all located in the area to enjoy a relaxing moment during the summer.

Shopping and food

The area is famous for its clothes shops, from vintage to trendy boutiques.

There are also a great number of markets and restaurants for all tastes: from local trattorias, to the best pizzerias or the finest sushi and fusion cuisines.


Students and actors, directors and others entertainment workers will be close to the Civica Scuola di Teatro Paolo Grassi, where the best Italian talents are trained.

Theatre lovers can discover the Teatro Franco Parenti's event calendar.


There are endless opportunities that make almost impossible to avoid the vibrant local nightlife.

Enjoy a drink in the outdoor bars in the Colonne di San Lorenzo area or take an evening walk along Navigli.

Stay together, live smarter :)